Power Distribution

Power Distribution is the final link connecting the millions of consumers to the Grid; however, the recent development of restructuring State electricity Boards has emphasised the importance of Distribution. All major reforms for Power Sector during the Tenth and Eleventh plans have been for reinvigorating this sector. Syselec Technologies has a range of products for the distribution companies.

This sector has seen increasing Private Sector Companies partnering with Public Sector Companies for better management of the grid. Syselec Technologies offers innovative solutions in this area.

Automated Meter reading ensures better consumer awareness on the load consumed. On the spot billing and Automated billing are some of the IT enabled-techniques that can improve the collection of payments for utilities. Regularising unregistered/unauthorised connections by comparison of ‘energy sent-out’ with total energy meter readings bring aggressive reduction in losses.

Greater renewable energy integration requires discoms to maintain voltage stability and frequency. This requires monitoring the quality of power for which Syselec Technologies offers best of international technologies.

Distribution Automation Optimises a Utility’s operations and directly improves the reliability of their distribution power system. Substation Automation goes beyond traditional SCADA to provide added capability and information that can further improve operations and maintenance , increase system and staff efficiencies.

Syselec Technologies supplies to utilities building AMI (Automated Metering Infrastructure), planning for integrating renewable energy into the grid and relying on Distribution Automation for monitoring key parameters.