Power Generation

India has vast coal reserves and this is the major reason for having dependance predominantly thermal power plants. However, global warming, toxic gas emissions and pollution has now increased the dominance of Renewable Energy Plants.

Solar Photovoltaics convert Sunís incident light energy into electric current. This is the fastest growing Renewable Energy technology in India. Solar Energy accounts for 35% of the new power capacity additions. Solar energy also accounts for 4.5% of the total installed capacity.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has set the target of 100 GW for Solar Energy Generation Capacity by 2022.

Longer Transmission Lines tend to increase the cost of consumption. Decentralised production of energy such as off-grid Solar, mini-hydro power plants is a cheaper alternate of energy.

India has vast Thorium reserves and through fast breeder and heavy water technologies, we can tap into the Nuclear Energy Potential.

The recent Renewable Purchase Obligation Policy has mandated that utilities purchase power from Solar, and Wind Plant owners. Feed-in Tariff metering policy is implemented in all the states to allow utilities to buy power from residential and commercial estates.

Today, State-of-the-art Quality Assurance Programmes have become the mandatory for all all the manufacturers, and this benefits the majority of Solar EPCs Developers and investors.

Syselec Technologies are preferred suppliers to EPCs who are developing off-grid solar and Grid-tied Solar Plants, and are to maintain these plants for 5 years. Syselec Technologies can provide PV Module and Inverter diagnostic instruments.

Syselec Technologies also supplies to EPCs building Hydro Power plants and setting up Gas Insulated Substations for Pumped storage Hydro Power Plants. Syselec Technologies understands the need for monitoring GIS condition at such artificially created reservoir locations.

Syselec Technologies is the preferred choice of EPCs constructing Nuclear Power Plants. Syselec Technologies holds safety of the operator in the highest regard and provides Reactor Safety Monitoring Solutions for preventing accidents.