Power Transmission

Electric sector is rapidly growing in India. Syselec Technologies is a key player in this segment.

The projected peak demand in 2027 shall be 437 GW, which is nearly 380% higher than the present peak demand. The projected installed capacity requirement shall be 575 GW, which is 375% more than the present installed capacity.

Electricity Development is simultaneously important to the central and state governments. NTPC, NHPC, THDC, NEEPCO, SJVNL, NLC etc are the central generation utilities and PowerGrid is the central transmission utility. At the State level, they are GENCOs and TRANSCOs. Power Grid control the power flow from central generating plants and interstate generation plants ; and the State TRANSCOs control the power flow from State generating Units. The central Transmission Utility plays an important role in planning of new Transmission systems as well as strengthening of existing systems at the Central level. Syselec Technologies is a vendor to most of these.

The planning should have minimal impact on environment. Reduction in size of the substations is one such engineering achievement. This has been possible through Gas Insulated Substations. The reason for the compactness of GIS is using SF6 as the dielectric gas. High Voltage Circuit breakers in Transmission Substations are filled with SF6 gas. Syselec Technologies has best of breed products in this area.

The planning also involves strengthening the existing network in order to integrate renewable energy sources. This has been achieved through Power Electronic based Controllers for Transmission Systems.

Transmission Reliability also relies on the substation overloading capacity. This requires online monitoring of the substation and diagnostic checking of the substations which are supplied by Syselec Technologies.

India Power System is characterised by continuous expansion of the grid. Increased grid connectivity requires reliable and secure grid. This necessitates knowing the dynamic state of the grid on real-time basis.

Smart Grid Technology has made it possible for the operator to dynamically to take corrective actions.

Syselec Technologies supplies to utilities who build GIS and such Power electronic based Systems for strengthening the grid. Our customers are utilities looking to extend the life of their substations through condition monitoring and Smart grid Technology. Our customers are utilities maintaining the quality of SF6 gas while protecting the operator from the risk of High Voltage.

Syselec Technologies helps utilities by helping them save time and resources by testing simultaneously all the key elements of substation protection - even while the system is on load.