Syselec  Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - a technology-driven organisation was founded as Systematic Marketing  in 1989 in Mumbai by a technocrat  with the primary objective to provide its clients with products and services of the highest quality and reliability. In 1995 we achieved the status of a Private limited organisation and were then known as Systematic Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Today, we have re branded ourselves as Syselec Technologies Pvt. Ltd. having an All-India presence with more than combined 100 years of experience. 

Syselec Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has business and operational tie-ups with various companies to provide a wide range of products, services and solutions related to Test & Measuring Instruments, in Power Sector. These partnerships enable us to provide a spectrum of quality solutions. With the combined mutual expertise of all the aforementioned fields, we thereby effectively enhance our market coverage and provide one-terminal solutions to all.

Our Mission:
“A one-stop solution backed by Global Knowledge Partners to ensure longevity of the stakeholders' capital assets."

Our Vision:
“We are committed to have a Global presence as a Total Solution Provider ."

Our Values:
• Continuous improvement through innovation
• Equal Opportunity with Empowerment Accountability
• Accountability
• Passion
• Speed
• Solution oriented approach
• Information Sharing
• Humility

We value our executives as our growth relies on our executives’ work satisfaction and gratification. Company policies have been construed by our HR Department in a way so as to nurture a feeling of oneness among our executives and to mould them to be flag bearers of our organisation.   

We help utilities operate reliable, safe and efficient power networks. Our product development is focused around creating products that help electrical engineers perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently, which in turn helps utilities to operate more reliable, safe and efficient power networks.